Thursday, March 29, 2012

The PG: "Paul Westphal Was Somethin' Else!"

Just a little retro piece from our YouTube Page.  The PG discusses the creative playing style of Paul Westphal, who was dismissed as coach of the Sacramento Kings earlier this season.   He was maybe a combo guard more than a pure PG, but he definitely had some game!

May Your Point Guard Flow...     Like Westphal.

THE POINT GUARD Internet Radio Program - Episode 23

Turnover on The PG!   Forgot to post Episode 23 of The Point Guard.  There was no show last week.  Tune in this week on BlogTalkRadio, 5:30 Central/6:30 pm Eastern.  Join The PG and Speedy with more NBA Point Guard discussion.

Until then...   May Your Point Guard Flow...

The Point Guard - Episode 23 03/17 by ThePG | Blog Talk Radio


Ramon Sessions, a favorite here at The Point Guard, is featured in this article by Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports.  Apparently, Ramon loves L.A. and L.A. loves him.   And with good reason...  L.A. hasn't had a point guard with his skills since the dawn of the Millennium!

Sessions states that Kobe's first words to him were, "Let's win a ring."

Sounds like a plan...

May Your Point Guard Flow...;_ylt=AmgJ1NGy7oKSDCInwIfDOSO8vLYF?slug=mc-spears_ramon_sessions_lakers_kobe_derek_fisher032912

Friday, March 16, 2012

Ramon Sessions Traded to Lakers! Some Laker Fans Don't Like It!

It staggers my imagination that some Lakers fans are not jubilant over their last second acquistion of Ramon Sessions before the trade deadline.  I'm not worried.  I'm sure Sessions will win them over in short order.  Kobe is probably sad to see his long-time teammate gone; but he's gonna love the additional freedom Ramon's presence is going to bring.

ThePG's wish for Kobe:  "May Your Point Guard Flow...";_ylt=AhOEUcXw2SL.KI.UqrGz1ce3PaB4?slug=ycn-11111054

Monday, March 12, 2012

The Point Guard - Episode 22 03/10 by ThePG | Blog Talk Radio

Here is Episode 22 of THE POINT GUARD Internet Radio Program.  ThePG hosts without Speedy on this program.  THE POINT GUARD show is broadcast every Saturday at 5:30 pm Central and 6:30 pm Eastern Time.

The Point Guard - Episode 22 03/10 by ThePG | Blog Talk Radio

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Point Guard - Episode 21 03/03 by ThePG | Blog Talk Radio

Speedy is holding down the fort again in this abbreviated version of Episode 21. Don't forget to catch Episode 22 this Saturday (3/10/2012) on BlogTalkRadio, 5:30 pm Central/6:30 pm Eastern. Also, check out our Facebook page (and like us!) at (See link in right-hand margin).

The Point Guard - Episode 21 03/03 by ThePG Blog Talk Radio