Saturday, September 15, 2012


Forgotten Laker Dynasty Legend: Norm Nixon

Nixon was my favorite Lakers player during the early years of their 80's dynasty.  The Lakers of Nixon's tenure (with Jamal Wilkes, Bob McAdoo, and Michael Cooper and a young, fast Magic Johnson) were like pure-bred greyhounds in transition. It was this team for which the moniker "Showtime" originated.  The Lakers after the Norm Nixon for Byron Scott trade (and with the drafting of James Worthy) became more half-court-oriented offensively and defensively, even though they would still run opportunistically with Magic in transition.  The Lakers of Norm Nixon NEEDED a fast tempo in order to win.  That made for some pretty exciting end-to-end action.  Nobody flowed  better than the Norm Nixon-era Lakers.

The PG agrees with the author of this linked article that Nixon should be considered for the Hall of Fame and DEFINITELY should have his jersey hanging from the rafters.  Nixon was easily among the top three Speed Point Guards (according to E. Pierce's 3 Styles of Point Guard Theory) that ever played the game at the NBA level.

As a matter-of-fact, we have overlooked the Magic Johnson/Norm Nixon backcourt in our ongoing consideration of the great NBA Guard Tandems.  I think we should rectify this situation on tonight's THE POINT GUARD Radio Program.

May Your Point Guard Flow...     ... like Norm Nixon.

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